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Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value Rs. 16 Million / 1.60 Crore
Location Multi State Tenders Ref.No 42461716
Closing Date 03 - Mar - 2021  |  35 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of spares for cargo handling equipments in kmtt, project, myanmar, tyres, tube & rims set, engine service kit (including lube oil & fuel filters), radiator, control valve assembly 36812775, starter, alternator, temperature sensor 36812113, oil seals for all types, solenoid valve assembly, gaskets, o rings sets, main control lever, lift cylinder, oil pressure sensor unit, limit switch assembly, engine stop solenoid, ignition switch, battery 12v, 80ah, fuse 15a & 20a, cylinder liner, fan belt, lube oil pump, bearing for all brake shaft, thrust bearing, pinion shaft, front and rear, brake shoe assembly, hydraulic hoses for all types, chain assembly, front tyres, tube & rime set, rear tyre tube &rim set, battery, starter, alternator, clutch plates, brake linings, fuses (all rating used), bulbs (head light, blinkers & rear lamp) each, drive belts, turbo charger, fuel injection pump, radiator assembly, hydraulic pump, thermostat, hour meter, hydraulic hoses, rims, tyres and its tube set, bearings (inner & outer), brake & lever assembly, tyres, tube & rims set, alternator, relays 24v, fuse for all rating each, load cell assembly, direction sensor 161-007-00, potentiometer assembly 161-023-03, battery 12v,, proximity switch 24 v dc, ignition switch, starter, high pressure single sol valve, stop solenoid 24 v dc, solenoid coils, transmission solenoid valve 0501 209 692, oil seals for all, viper blade, fly wheel, engine gasket, filter element pp11329, slew hose, out rigger hose, pumps hose, steering hose, brakes hose, derric cylinder hyd hose, o rings for all types, wire rope, main control valve, out rigger valve, slew valve, pressure relief valve, hp filters, pressure reducing valve, pressure modulating valve, joy stick, in line check valve, glass fuse 8a, 10a, 25a, & 15a, main hyd pump, thrusters for each size, master controller with switching assembly, two-way roller limit switch both types speedo, & siemens, drive panel card, load cells, pa communication, bearing for gear box, breakers for all ratings, drive contactors, main pully & load cell pulley, luffing drive motor, travel motors, miniature relay 4c/o, 110v ac 6a, panel illumination lamps 11w, 230v, 6" panel cooling fan, encoder card in hoist panel, channel relay board, power contractor f model tesys series 3p ac 3, - phase 440v 330a, panel space heater, thermostat 30-85deg, thermal overload relay for motor 5.5 8a class, 10, anemometer set, can tap and its adaptor, 8 channel relay board, control card for atv71>90 kw and <90 kw, aviation lamp, lt rotating lamps, relays, flood light assembly, phoneix relay, main relay (solid state relay), fuse, deep sea controller, 12v battery, battery switch, diode assembly, avr.
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 42457248
Closing Date 01 - Feb - 2021  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of 48 pcs ball bearings, cartons= 28 pcs of vehicle glass covers, 102 ctns containing 2429 pairs of leather upper soles for shoes in assorted size/colour, 01 roll -5 pcs finished leather sheets (white colour) in assorted shape/sizes, 01 skid consisting 140 ctns of 25 pcs each and 05 loose pcs- total 3505 pcs of fluorescent tubes, components of weighing scale, 400 catalogues of panasonic ideas for life & 25 brochures of panasonic ideas (sip telephone) printed in japan, polyethylene bags containing broken pcs of rigid plastic sheets, twin silicagel breather, connected together by 15 nb pipe, carton honda city body kit, pallet containing cement base mixture amg flooring hard agent, 05 bags of 25 kgs each of crystal stone flooring material powder of different, colours-mark, 04 nos. plastic bucket containing flooring hard agent/binder 20kg each, 01 no. plastic bucket containing a)2 nos. 01 kg plastic colourant bottles., 40 pcs of round grinding wheels- diameter 4 inch c)03 nos of tile samples, pallet containing, 59 rolls of plastic pack. each pack contains 05 rolls of black coloured mixed cottonpolyster fabric ribbon, pallet containing 4 nos. bags, 02 nos. bag containing brown coloured fine sand, 01 no. bag containing brown coloured coarse sand, 1 no. bag containing gray coloured cement, 9 cartons pu-book binding material svepa brand, 02 wooden boxes containing spare parts for wafer baking machine, 1 crate ( 23 cartons) stc 24 pkgs.(cbro electromagnetic flow sensor, a pair of temperature sensors and main unit), one pallet consisting of 2 bags, 5 drums and 1 carton of kalmatron brand , concrete admixture, heat meters of 3 models dn100, 4 pcs synergy 35 s led bluetooth speaker & wine cooler, calcite chips, 750 rolls of various colours (25 rolls in each roll bundle) insulating materials tapes of various colours-dusty, poor glue quality, cotton hosiery, stc 33 bales=38 pkgs of woollen / synthetic rags, stc 31 bales= 41 boras of woollen / synthetic rags, 54 boras of woollen / synthetic rags, stc 37 bales=72 pkgs of woollen/synthetic rags, stc 76 boras of woollen /synthetic rags, woollen/synthetic rags, woollen / synthetic rags, no. wooden case (broken) containing fire proof shutter of universal film projector, a)4 pcs synthetic yarn bobbins in damaged condition, staple pins of various shapes and sizes, 88 cartons containing heavy duty staple pins, 01 wooden case containing 04 nos. diesel engines in rusty, 14 boras containing woollen/synthetic rags lying in heap. some of the boras are in loose condition, polyester cloth , colour black, 6 ctns( 20 pcs) nylon bobbines in torn, empty wooden reels used for rolling of electrical cables or rolling of fabric, 01 no. colour coated prime quality cold rolled steel coil, 74 bags containing soda ash light, each case contains 36 pcs of processed slab (moulded articles) with grooves composed of concrete, each case contains 40 pcs of processed slab (moulded articles) with grooves, 2 cases=60 pcs. processed slab (moulded articles) with grooves composed of concrete, synthetic waste (black) grinding, battery charger, readymade garments, wooden case containing 42 pcs of cotton fabrics in assorted, u shaped cement block with two iron hook from inside, old readymade garments scattered, deteriorated, dusty, old, tempered glass sheets fitted in plastic frame size: 20 1/2" x 24" (may be used as display cabinet), 154 pcs of clothings covered with dust and in dirty condition, heap of white marbles small broken pieces mixed with black small broken marble pieces, marble slab in small broken pieces.(lying in heap) totally damaged, marble slab in small broken pieces.(lying in heap) totally damaged, crate of discarded wooden packing materials such as pallets, planks, broken crates, etc.
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